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Begin your personal relationship with Padgett as a local, West Virginia-owned business and become empowered to grow your business with efficient service and peace of mind.

With Padgett of West Virginia, you are backed by services such as small business consulting, tax preparation, government compliance, business financial reporting, complete payroll solutions, and more. Free yourself from the tasks, paperwork and details that consistently bog you down. Focus on what you do best and achieve your dreams.

Streamline Your Business With Consulting and Payroll Services – Beyond just Finance and Tax Management

Small business owners like you often bear the burden of running their businesses on their own. You might feel like you have little support dealing with issues regarding paying your employees and managing taxes. You might be unsure about whether you’ve chosen the right tax entity for your business. Padgett of West Virginia’s small business tax management services take the stress out of your busy life, giving you the confidence to run your business. Let us handle the tasks that slow you down.

  • Payroll Services – Never worry about paying your employees on time again. Padgett of West Virginia’s payroll services – from software to advice, ensure a smooth payroll cycle.
  • Bookkeeping and Reporting – Padgett of West Virginia helps you understand the meaning of your financial numbers and what kind of impact they have on the health of your company. We also give you the advice you need to streamline your record keeping processes and ensure that your reports give you insight into accurate data.
  • Business Consulting Services – Every business decision you make impacts your future. With Padgett of West Virginia’s in-depth knowledge of your business, you’re set to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Government Compliance and Tax Reporting – Padgett of West Virginia’s government and tax compliance services take the stress out of complying with small business reporting standards.

Need personal tax help? We do that too.

Tax laws are complex and change on a regular basis. It quite common for individuals to get the wrong information on their personal tax returns, or get overwhelmed when trying to do it themselves. By assisting with tax preparation, we can help you present the most accurate financial information to the IRS, and avoid costly audits and missed refunds.

Want to learn more? Our West Virginia-based tax consultants are ready to take the stress out of running your business and make your dreams a reality. Contact us today!